Examples of minimalist design Modern with Decking

In utilizing the open space is one of the ways that you can do to increase the residential space in the house with an area smaller. Open area behind the house that you can design this as a very pleasant area.

Now, an example of minimalist modern home design with one or two floors below is a very interesting idea to increase the living space in your minimalist home. There are several ways that you can use, one of which is to add Decking.

Decking dry garden

Decking is almost the same with a terrace behind the house, but are generally constructed from a parquet floor or wooden floor. Its function can vary, ranging from garden dining, relaxing family area, open dry garden, to the pool decking garden behind the house.

Besides this, the decking was built as a backdrop for the dining room open plan concept. Feel free to use the glass panes and glass doors as a liaison between the dining room with a deck. By doing so, you and your family can still enjoy the beauty of ornamental plants when dining together.

Decking the pool behind the house

The next election is to utilize the decking as the pool behind the house. Here you can build dipinggiran pool decking and also as a bridge between the parts of the pond. In this way, the layout of the pool behind the house will look neat and beautiful too. You can also take advantage of the rest of the back garden to put aquatic plants and other ornamental plants.

Sound of light metallic ringing for gazebo

You can also build decking terpisang of the main house with the concept of this gazebo. This area can be used as an open dining room with a direct view to the rear garden of your home. Not only that, you can also take advantage of the gazebo sebaga place to entertain colleagues or organizing a barbecue.

Decking as a family room

If an area of ​​your home is quite limited, the decking on the terrace behind the house can be used as a family room open. Wear roof decking with a thorough and put a sofa set, which can be chatting with you and your family. The rear area you can also functioned as a reading room. You just simply add a set of shelves containing little light reading such as magazines or newspapers.

Decking as a playground

For those of you who have small children while your house is not extensive enough to be added again to the playroom, then there is the rear decking the house can be a solution. For example, you can build a decking with direct access to the dining room, using glass doors width. In this decking, you can put a set of minimalist chairs, so the rest is still quite extensive as a children's play area.

Examples of minimalist design Modern with Decking

Examples of minimalist design Modern with Decking

Examples of minimalist design Modern with Decking