Unique to the table chairs on the front porch and a beautiful garden

if your house has spacious and shady yard. it would be nice given the unique chairs and tables add to the beauty of the page. often unique garden table chair became an icon of the location itself. with their seats at a table in the back garden of the house, make more frequent family get together and share stories. In addition to placement in the courtyard garden, chairs and tables are also nice uniquely placed in the gazebo or porch. The following are some interesting unique view of tables and chairs garden (park park bench and table):

1. Bamboo table
Unique to the table chairs on the front porch and a beautiful garden

The bottom of the bamboo fiber is more dense and will certainly be more sturdy, but it should be before use bamboo in anti-termite treatment with drugs that are sold in the shop building and wood. for a table can be selected from materials with marble or wooden planks polished shiny. avoid using a glass table because it is harder paired with bamboo.

2. The hanging garden chairs
Unique to the table chairs on the front porch and a beautiful garden

by utilizing wood beams and assembled into patterns give the impression of original heritage, then combined with minimalist table made from the same material create harmony. to add to his family upset, given the noose that is easily removable with part of the burden of mats woven from rattan or with fabric made from strong so that is not easily torn.

3. Seats with backrest themed fish
Unique to the table chairs on the front porch and a beautiful garden

The addition of pictorial carvings of fish or other image according to taste (the fruit, bears, other marine animals) in a thick board which is then used around the backrest of a large tree. of course, equipped to seat boards made of wood, steel or concrete. make eye catching for passing. backrest for added strength given the wheelbase of the holder on a tree, the tree dibatang for anchoring should be given a circular plate to avoid tree trunks damaged by nails or other puncture.

4. Seat green leaves

With the combination of seat structures made of steel welded and made a separate column for a green plant body as beauty accessories. in addition can be made from metal, this chair can also be constructed using cement cast iron framed to strengthen the structure and will certainly be more durable than the use of iron.

5. Table tree guards

almost similar to the previous idea, but who uses young trees diameter entered in the middle of the table is first prepared hole. selection of plants that are used should be fruit trees in pots, which would certainly make a lively when he is fruitful. As for the desk chair that was used is not an important issue provided a place for entering and removing enter in the pot rod itself.

6. The chair spindles

Definitely raw materials required to make this garden chair is not difficult, just look for people whose work felling trees and logs request made pieces according to the size we need. then we set to fit the seat position. however, we should pay attention to two things. that is ; the type of wood chosen should wood is hard and not easily weathered known as mahogany, teak, rubber, resins. besides the runway is used for placement spindles dug a little and the soil replaced with sand that is helpful to reduce the chances of weathering.

7. Tables and chairs blend

with the structural pattern of tables and chairs that blend would need special expertise possessed only by carpenters. because of the length of the rod is used to buffer the bench is very important that are not easily broken, other than the height of the table must also be considered with a view body size of the house and also visitors to the park. however, the general chair of this blend is very much used to adorn many beautiful parks in the world.

8. The desk chair wood waste

it is true existence where tables and chairs are made by utilizing wood waste the form unused piece spindles then trimmed before paired in a chair and table. from being messy is the value the beauty of it appeared to give a retro feel naturally makes this desk chair is very suitable as an excellent ornamental garden.

9. Seats fingerprints

This seat is actually very simple and very plural been found in many public places such as terminals, stations, city parks and some queues at the office. but the interesting thing is the finish by utilizing painting as a beauty enhancer so it felt this chair cheerful. simply use thin gloves are dipped in batter and paint will change color when the other glove is removed and replaced with a new one. there is also the use of the hands of their friends or use prosthetic hands to speed up construction and reduce the assistance of another person. but, whatever it is this chair makes a cheerful everyone who saw it.

10. Table wood waste

such as a desk chair that previously where pieces of wood waste used as raw material for making tables and chairs garden unique. for which this piece of waste spindles arranged in such a way by using the basic framework made of steel or wood. then laid each piece glued together using glue and screw connector. the invisibility of the bolt gave the impression of natural and highly imaginative.

11. Seats solar panels

For gadget mania of course is very desirable seats, where there is abundant supply of energy derived from solar panle gadget to keep the batteries remain full and will certainly make a very comfortable googling the park. soalr utilization era panel already done, but the price is certainly still very premium that led to the use of solar panels should be more prudent and concerns only primary matters first. however, it is possible with government support. the next few years if the price of solar panels has become very cheap, will be found the seat of solar panels

12. Seats beam

By using minimalist table without finishing by striking not make this lawn chairs to be marginalized. the addition of wooden beams (beams cans) as chair desk chair makes this park unique and eye catching to visitors. with the selection of raw materials samples makes this design very popular with consumers who have a large backyard.

13. Seats waste rubber tires

Surely waste rubber tires is certain to be very durable because it will not be obsolete in contact with the weather and also easy to maintain. beginning of the utilization of waste tires that are not used are then extracted the "meat" of its tire rubber sheet to obtain a sheet which is then woven into chairs and tables are attractive to own as jewelry in the garden behind the house.

14. The desk chair twig

if you are a lot of places around the burning charcoal burning wood or tile and brick, will certainly be easily obtained raw materials such as pieces of wood sticks pretty. then assembled into a unique garden chairs and sturdiness of course. in addition we can also make a garden table with a piece of firewood this.

Similarly, some of the new ideas that hopefully can inspire the manufacture of chairs and tables in the garden or the house could also be jewelry in the city park.