Pillow Unique Of Thrift

For you who at home has clothes unused or no longer fit but still in good condition, you can use it as a pillowcase.
Seat cushions or pillows for sleeping creation you can use old clothes. How to make? The following step-step preparation.
Pillow Unique Of Thrift

1. Clothes on board trim if necessary, reset, and then expand. Establish a pattern to the width of the pillow, use chalk or pencil to form a line.
Pillow Unique Of Thrift

2. Cut with scissors following the line that has been in the previous picture, make sure there are no creases as straight cut 2 layer, the front and back of the shirt.

3. After the scissors, we will get two pieces of fabric pieces. Then reverse the respective cloth is then united again using a pin to avoid a run when sewing later.
Pillow Unique Of Thrift

4. Stitch together around the fabric, may use doble stitching or one stitch.

5. Wrap the rest of the seam edges with scissors.

6. Then reverse the results of stitches, and pillowcases ready for use.

You can use some dress material with pattern and color can also use the former to get a sweater knitted pillow cover more unique.
Congratulations to create ya !!!