4 Color Inspiration for Modern Home Ceiling Design

Ceiling is one of the interior design elements are very important in your home. Therefore, home ceiling design must be planned carefully in order to comply with concept your dwelling. Home ceiling does not necessarily have to be painted white monotone on the grounds that the room feel more spacious and airy. It is true, vibrant colors bring the feel airy, but painting your ceiling with another color is not always a bad idea.
4 Color Inspiration for Modern Home Ceiling Design

Colour To Ceiling Design House

There is no harm in applying color on the ceiling of the house, because the color will bring a different feel to your liking. If you want to change the atmosphere of the room without having to do a renovation, then change the color of the ceiling paint is one idea. Here are some unique color inspiration for modern minimalist home ceiling:

Color-Color Dark

Who said that the ceiling could not be painted with dark colors? Color gray, navy blue, black or even be able to produce an intimate feel and dramatic in a room. Dark paint properly used in the bedroom. However, because dark colors make the ceiling seem lower, then use this color in the bedroom does have a high ceiling.

In order for the ceiling look more subtle, select colors that are softer to the wall, so as to create an interesting contrast. Pair with a light-colored furniture or neutral. You also can strengthen dramatically by using light shades of color contrast.
4 Color Inspiration for Modern Home Ceiling Design

Colour-Colour Light

There is no harm in your ceiling paint with bright colors and strong, like the color turquoise (torquoise), yellow, or even orange to create the impression energetic. Bright colors suitable applied if the walls are painted with white color combined with neutral-colored furniture.

Model ceiling minimalist house with bright colors are perfect for creating a sense of fun. You can apply it in the playroom, in bedroom shower, or even the kitchen, where the walls are painted white and most of the furniture also white or monochrome.

Wall color
4 Color Inspiration for Modern Home Ceiling Design

You also can paint the ceiling with a uniform color to the color of the walls. It will create a beautiful shades. You can feel its full color shades in the room. Indeed, if the ceiling and the walls are painted a uniform, nuance will be slightly narrower. So, there are some little things you need to consider.

For example, for a small room such as a bathroom, choose a softer color and calm, like gray or light blue, so the room will feel calm and comfortable. For larger rooms, select accessories and furniture carefully, so that the room does not feel empty.

Special ecommendations

You could also consider a special color for the ceiling modern minimalist home. Here are some ideas:

  • If the attic or ceiling has a few defects, such as cracks or scratches, then the final application form will help hide the matte color.
  • The final touches in the form of glossy color you can choose to ceiling flawless. Glossy color will add a dimension of the ceiling.
  • If your ceiling has a special architectural design, then you can it stand with contrasting color application, can be a dark color or bright colors and strong.
  • To give a more stylish touch, you can paint the ceiling with a specific color scheme, such as striated or geometric. However, you should use a monochrome color scheme that does not seem excessive.

That is some color ideas for home ceiling design. Whatever color you choose, make sure you consider it carefully, taking into account other elements in the room.