Kids Room Interior Design Inspiration-Gender Neutral

In a minimalist home with a limited number of bedrooms, number of family members may have to share the same room. This generally occurs in children. Then, what if you have two children of different sexes? So, you must be smart in choosing a child's room interior design accordingly. The boy would not be comfortable in the room dominated by the color pink and character Berbie or Hello Kitty. Likewise, girls, do not necessarily want to share a room if the bedroom is designed with the dominant theme of the automotive or ball.

The inspiration Neutral Kids Room Interior Design

Well, then what should you do so that they feel at home in the same room? The answer is the interior design themed child's room for both gender neutral. That is, the theme you choose should be equally acceptable to both children; or, one of the children loved it while the others do not mind. Here is some inspiration for you:

Stripe pattern

Line or stripe patterns, vertical and horizontal, is one of the motives neutral for both sexes. A mixture of several different colors, such as red, yellow, blue, black, or even mix of feminine and masculine colors will create the right blend.

In the image above, the child's room is designed with neutral shades. The owner uses paint the walls white with green accents in some parts. Meanwhile, mix some color stripe motif on the carpet make the room more neutral shades.
Kids Room Interior Design Inspiration-Gender Neutral

Playing with bedding

If you do not want to be bothered by matters mutually child's room wall paint, then you can play it safe by choosing bedding or bedding accessories accordingly. How, select the wall paint and carpet colors are neutral, such as beige, white or light gray. Then, you can select the appropriate sheet or a child's favorite bedcover.

For example, you can choose bedding or stuffed flower motif which is typical decor bedroom interior design of girls, whereas for boys, select the sheets or bercover pattern of lines or squares with masculine colors such as blue or brown. Well, you simply change the sheets and bedcovers if children feel bored with the existing decor.
Kids Room Interior Design Inspiration-Gender Neutral

Pastel colors and Citrus

The next safe way to design a child's bedroom is to choose pastel colors or soft colors, torquise, or light blue. Colorful like this quite often used in the bedroom interior design boys and girls. Combine colors paint the walls with a color palette pastel, such as green and white. To give a feel cheerful, choose a contrasting color bedding.
Kids Room Interior Design Inspiration-Gender Neutral

However, if one or both of your baby does not like a colorful pastel seem monotonous and adults, then you can try citrus colors are stronger, like a mixture of green, orange, and yellow. If your child is old enough, a good idea to consult a child's room interior design they like before you make a decision.