Modern minimalist house design tropics

Tropical house is designed as a form of protection from the effects of the tropical climate that often feel the residents of the house. Speaking of tropical modern minimalist house design, of course, you want a home with a unique design, strategically and good to live in. Well, in this article I will give you inspiration on home design modern minimalist tropical as in issue in my writing this time.

Examples and Feature Feature Minimalist Modern Tropical House Design
Modern minimalist house design tropics

Tropical modern minimalist home design may be a novelty for you. For that as knowledge is better if we discuss terlrbih first example and characteristic feature of modern minimalist house design tropics. Well, the picture above is one example of a modern home design minimalist tropics.

The green area of ​​the front of house is one of the traits in the highlight by this tropical design house. Well, the following is a characteristic feature of modern tropical minimalist house design that you can make as a race in making modern minimalist home design tropical.

1 roof slope
Roofing is one of the main things in a house. The roof of the house serves as protector of the house from the sun and rain. Roof house with tropical modern minimalist design can not be designed arbitrarily. However, there is an important hallmark traits you should know.

Design in the stretcher on the roof of a tropical modern minimalist home should pay attention indicator important indicator in tropical climates including sunlight, wind potential, and rain. With that in mind, of course you can not be careless in the selection of roofing materials.

In the design of modern minimalist tropical roofs must be made sloping roofs with a slope of not less than 30 degrees, 22.5 degrees and the minimum shingle zinc at least 15 degrees. In addition to its slope, roof height also need to be noticed. For a modern minimalist design tropical house roof height of at least 2, 70 m.

2 Model house wall
Wall of the house is a part of the house that serves as loadbearing roof and as a dividing bulkhead between one room to another room. In the design of modern minimalist house carry tropical basically open space to protect the room from feeling the heat.

Walls of the room with plenty of ventilation is very design are suggested. It is on the stretcher with the hope of the air in the house more healthy and at home during the day can avoid chills.

3 The selection of interior colors
In the selection of interior colors, tropical modern minimalist house design also has its own character traits. Selection of color with bright colors and shades of faulty will make your home more shady elegant model.

This also applies to the selection of furniture in your home. As color selection sofa, floor interior paint colors, lights and various other furniture.

4 Division of the room
In tropical modern minimalist house design, sharing the room also must think carefully. The division of the rooms in the house not only have given the bulkhead between one room to another room.

Some of the rooms were on leave without bulkhead will give broader effect on your home. In addition, the indoor air will be more healthy with which are more spacious rooms.

5 Design front garden
Tropical modern minimalist home design in general has a front garden that was designed with the natural world atmosphere by making arena greens were very fresh and healthy.

Guest Room Design On Minimalist Modern Tropical
After knowing the sample and the characteristic features of tropical modern minimalist house design, this time I'll give you an example design of a living room in a modern minimalist home design tropical. As has been discussed on the characteristic features of modern minimalist house design, that the selection of the interior and the color should think.

Well, the selection with white sofa and cushions with colorful color is the thing that makes your living room look modern. Add green painting with a base color and put in a corner of greenery for tropical stretcher.

Kitchen design in modern minimalist tropical house
Modern minimalist house design tropics

Kitchen design in modern minimalist home can carry tropical white as the base color, then apply furniture with clear and bright colors such as yellow laying painting furniture with bright colors.

Selection window with a large size is very appropriate as stretchers fresh tropical so the kitchen can be fused to the rear garden. The dining room is on leave one with the kitchen is also a characteristic of tropical design house so the room can look spacious and air healthier.