Lighting design rooms Unique, Creative and Cool

1. Coin Lamp

This lamp designed by Jethro Macey. As the name implies, these lamps require new first Coin can flame. Unique also still like Game Ding-Dong to wear coin.

2. Mushroom lamp

It looked like a mushroom. This lamp is energy efficient enough because it only uses 4AA batteries efficient. Prices are pegged around $ 12. who want to buy?

3. Titanic Lamp

Creator, Charles Trevelyan inspired by titanic movie, so that the lamp is similar to that titanic ship began to sink.

4. Torn Lighting

Designed by Billy may, very well to hide the lights on the wall. Quite unique in design to blend with the wall so that the bulb does not appear in person.

5. Alien Abduction Lamp

The designer is Lasse Klein. From the name alone was the plasticity of this lamp made similar scenes of aliens kidnap / take the objects of life on earth to the plane. But unfortunately, this new light at the conceptual stage and have not been produced.

6. Abyss table lamp

This product is very unique, designed like a gut twisting. The lamp using white color so that seems to glow brighter and more make the lamp look elegant shape. Suitable to be placed on the table beside the sofa. This lamp is worth about $ 500.

7. Sliced-Lamp

These lights are designed to cut a long table lamp (the former) and includes more than 40 perspex plates (plates) between cuts. Designed by Studio Mango (Netherlands).

8. The colgao

This creepy lamp designed in Studio Enpanza in Spain. The designs such as hanging or man hanged (In spanish bhs = The colgao) of the top pole lamp hanging horizontally. Unique hell but scary.

9. Chain Lamp

Designed by Marelli Iliara which functioned as a desk lamp. Made of aluminum and equipped with 4 white bright light (1-watt), these lights that connect shaped folds flat as a point of light weight when used.

When the lamp is closed / folded full height of only 2.75 inches. Whereas if fully opened, the high reached 22 inches. Quite expensive, which is $ 592.

10. lighting Hurdle

Designed by the Koreans are Lee Suk Woo and Byeon Dong Jin, they were awarded Special Mention in 2007 Lightouch Design Competition in Singapore.

This lamp has a structure similar to the goal light in horizontal and vertical design such as a desk lamp. A sensor detects how the light is positioned and operate the light according to its position. Suitable for reading books, comics or magazines focus.

11. Stacked Rock Lamp

Stones stacked on a regular basis beams which support the lamp, resulting in light spout towards the bottom right like a waterfall. The price is $ 119.

12. Troja arc lamp

This lamp is quite large and provide light with high quality. The design is simple yet modern. It takes the rooms were spacious enough if you want to have it. But what do ya at Troy?

13. The Ociu Light

These lights are large because it has a diameter of 185 cm. Available in two colors: white and black. Meaning of the word "OCIU" is "Pay attention (please attention)" as a warning that you do not overlook this great stuff.

14. One Man Shy Lamp

To turn on this light switch is Mr.P. The lights were shining in describing the shape of a human head, but is covered by a lamp cover. The high 13-inch and use a 15-watt lamp power. This lamp price around $ 99.

15. Desktop Grenade Lamp

The name and the lamp model is pretty cool. Who has never held a grenade, here it is time to buy this lamp. Grenade trigger button function as a switch to turn on and turn off the lights. The price range of $ 139.

16. The Nymph

This lamp is quite exceptional luxury in the form of insects. For a lamp, Having many legs like insects in general, made his own appeal for the beholder. Designed by Brooklyn-based interior and furniture design company, these lamps at a price tag of $ 2,600.

17. Fiat Lux Lamp

This lamp is the latest design from Hogdahl Cate & Nelson Ruiz-ACAL and is still in the production stage, will soon be marketed.

Fiat Lux has meaning "let there be light", but from the picture does not show the feature as a light source that illuminates the strong, because this lamp is intended to friend read a book or as a light sleeper.

18. The Light Drop

Designed by Brazilian namely Rafael Morgan who have new ideas in designing household lights. Similar water falling from the tap. Faucet knob functioned as a regulator of light.

19. Gilda

Designed by Arturo Alvarez. The materials used are quite unique and relatively new "italian glass tiles" or Italian glass tiles. Making light design with two layers of glass cover that is white or black square. There is a deluxe version, with its lights are added in the form of 24-karat gold.

20. Good Night Eileen

Designed by Christine Birkhoven inspired by old-fashioned hand lamps that can be taken anywhere. Using LED lighting technology, energy-saving lamps electricity. Power is applied to the lamp via magnetic induction

21. Memento lamp
Lighting design rooms Unique, Creative and Cool

This lamp was designed by Hiroshi Yoneya and Yumi Masuko. Shaped beams and decorated or intentionally designed with a series of numbers so that if the light is turned on will form a unique shadows around it. This lamp is only marketed in Japan.

22. Lull
Lighting design rooms Unique, Creative and Cool

Name of the lights is quite short but unique. These lights are designed like flowers that can be shut and chapped. If the night casing of these lights shut while if mornings casing of these lights are open and the lights shining with the light intensity is high enough in order to awaken those who sleep, as in the picture. Suitable for ya  who love waking up late reply.

23. Blow Table Lamp

The author is quite creative. The process of lighting is right inside the bulb. His head was like a small flashlight. To the direction of light, can be arranged by a magnet that is on the outside.

24. Mini-Cassette tape Lamp

Designed by a group of people who work at a company "Transparent House". These lights are made from recycled tapes unused song.

Then set the tape was made in a manner to be like a cube. Inside the cube is given a lamp whose light makes the shadows around it looks unique.

25. flapflap

This lamp designed by Hopf & Wortmann of Germany. Without described, all of you must have known the uniqueness. Deain is like a floating light. These lamps limited edition since its launch in 2001.

26. Wiener Dog Lamp

This lamp dog shaped sculpture but the center of the body in different designs. For his use amber colored glass and included a light bulb, so that the resulting light intensity is not high.

27. Bulb Lamp

Lights that one is also quite unique because it is made and designed in such a way with a number of used light bulbs. It can be seen in the figure that the light generated from a light source that is surrounded by the lights of the former. The light radiating light to a host of other former and cause a nice light effect.

28. The NOD Light

This lamp is used as a table lamp or a light sleeper. In the box-shaped design like shelves / bookcases, because it also functioned as a bookcase or rack doodads. It costs about $ 220.

29. Tall & Tiny

In the design by Alice Rosignoli. This lamp is quite efficient place because it looks 2D and thin. These lights are made of 2-lamp sticker Vinyl foil so as to make light of this one quite unique.

30. Corner Lamp
Lighting design rooms Unique, Creative and Cool

As the name implies, this lamp is intended for a corner. It can be seen in the figure that the design is adapted to the corner. It costs about $ 195.

31. Honeycomb

Designed by kyouei Design Studio in Japan. 100% made with paper "denguri", product of Shikoku region of Japan.

Named Honeycamb because a lantern or lanterns made to resemble a beehive. This lamp is quite easy to carry anywhere because it is easy to be overhauled. It costs about $ 56.

32. The Clear Reading Lamp

Designed by Bureaudebank from the Netherlands. This lamp is suitable for light sleeper especially reading light, because the light is divided into two parts as a space for bookshelves.

33. Cord Lamp

This lamp designed by Nicolo Taliani from Italy. Excess light is located on the cable arrangement so that no scattered light. It can be seen in the figure that the cable arranged neatly in a glass tube which also functioned as a buffer lamp.

This lamp consists of four colors: red, white, orange, black color while the cable also follows a lamp shade.

34. Butterfly Lamp
Lighting design rooms Unique, Creative and Cool

Designed with elegance by Japanese design studio Vinta. In the image is clear that the design of the lamp can be opened (such as butterflies fly) then open with a flat (horizontal). Suitable for rooms such as dining rooms, living rooms and so on.

35. Bird-on-Wire-lamp

This lamp designed by Javier Henriquez and Sebastian Lara inspired when he saw a beautiful view of the afternoons there are some bird rests on a power cable. As in the picture, the light generated there around the bird's body and left a nice light effect.