The inspiration for the idea of a unique house floor

Floor of the house is one of the important aspects of interior design. So it can not doubt when decorating a home can be assessed from chose and arrangement style floor. For those of you who want to see a new floor but did not want to bother disassembly, outsmart installing carpet is no less unique. Here are 15 ideas inspiration for the selection and arrangement of the unique home floor you can make reference.

1. Parquet Floor
Parquet Floor

The distinctive feature parquet floors are geometric shapes, or often called zig zag own unique impression. With the selection of color gradation from dark blue to light blue, the type of parquet flooring will help create an impression of cool and natural in your room.

2. Floor Monochrome
Floor Monochrome

Floor tiles with a lantern on top form is suitable to be installed in the bathroom with the dominance of two colors only. Black and white is the easiest color to matching combined with the monochrome floor.

3. Wood Floor
Wood Floor

Applying a pattern like swirl pattern to the wood floor can help to beautify the layout and placement of furniture in a room. Your room will look very minimalist style of the 80s.

4. Floor Black White Motif
 Floor Black White Motif

Black and white floors not only look monotonous if coupled with powerful graphics. The graphic can be a unique image that is reminiscent of the 1950s and 60s. The atmosphere will be felt upon entering vintage floored room like this.

5. Floor Zig Zag
Floor Zig Zag

Floor zig zag lately has become a popular choice patterned floor. Select zig zag lines were a bit wide so that the room seem wider and comprehensive. Choose a darker color of the furnishings of the room, for example, if the light green kitchen cabinet, choose a dark green color to the floor.

6. Floor Mondrian

Floor Mondrian

Mondrian floor as shown above can be obtained by cutting a colorful vinyl flooring is then combined with a pattern of squares and lines to create the impression of modern. This type of flooring is very easy matching combined with any kind of furniture, good vintage, minimalist, or modern.

7. Ceramics Victoria
Ceramics Victoria

Bathroom with a simple interior will be an excellent fit with additional detail of ceramic victoria era. Ceramic texture that is not too slippery and rough is very safe for the bathroom floor, without giving the impression of excessive.

8. Color Carpet Electric

Carpets with electric colors like blue, red, or even shocking pink can help turn your vintage decor of the room. Without the need to add a motif or pattern, it is plain to see carpets and colors plugging that showed.

9. Wood Recycling

Recycled wood has its own beauty in creating a memorable experience and the rooms cool without having merely filled with the color brown. polish wood with a bit of soft colors to avoid the impression of monotony. blend brown color faded from recycled wood and the colors would be suitable for your new floor.

10. Striped Carpet
The inspiration for the idea of a unique house floor

Graphic motif striped carpet with a neutral color would be very suitable to be placed in the room most have colorful furnishings. As a counterweight, the carpet may seem simple but still elegant.

11. Carpet Chevron

Chevron patterned carpets that have a similar color to the walls of the room are very precise and able to bring a strong visual impact. Choose the striking colors like red, purple, or orange and choose white as the color man.